Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gettin' Old

So here it is again. My birthday.

I long for the days when I was excited about my birthday, when the month leading up to it was filled with secrecy and anticipation. I imagine that I probably acted just like Sydney does about her birthday. She gets so excited thinking about it that we've had to set a limit on how much we'll talk about it: no talking about birthdays until the month before.

Even though I'm not as excited about them as I used to be, I'm not all that sad about them, either. I don't particularly dread them (I wonder if I'll feel the same way as I get closer to the big 4-0?), but see them more as just another way to mark time. Some are remembered for the huge life events I experienced around the same time, like when my OB told me on my 30th birthday to go on bedrest for a few weeks and hope that my pregnancy with Liam wouldn't end in a miscarriage. That was a fun one. And some birthdays are unmemorable. Did we go out to eat to celebrate my 28th birthday? What gifts did I get for my 31st? I honestly don't remember.

I think this birthday will be remembered for the slight feelings of "getting old" I've been experiencing. For instance:

* two consecutive days of yard work left me wishing we had some Bengay in the house. Instead, I had to settle for soaking in a hot bath and a few days of groaning every time I moved.

* the birthday presents I requested would probably make others laugh: new clothes (since I always buy for the kids and not myself), new measuring spoons (since I managed to grind up our previous ones in the garbage disposal) and some spice racks to help me organize the kitchen cabinets a bit better. Ryan was amazed at how excited I was about organizing the spices.

* I've found myself having to use both acne and wrinkle creams at the same time. Nature is so cruel to make you deal with both.

* And just this morning, I read this article which explains why, despite eating healthy foods for the past few months, I'm still struggling to fit into a pair of jeans I bought during one of my "skinny eras."

Even though it may sound like I'm whining about getting old, I'm really not. I know that achy muscles and wrinkles are just a part of life and I will gladly accept them in exchange for the gift of being able to watch my kids grow up. To me, that's the best birthday gift of all.


  1. Happy Birthday! No matter what the years bring, it's all part of life. Just sit back and enjoy the journey!

  2. Well happy birthday!
    I had to start using eye cream last year, while simultaneously needing acne treatment on my chin. That did seem cruel.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jana. please note it doesn't get any easier, but you are able to enjoy every, what are only memories to us - watching the kids grow up! We love & miss you all terribly. Have a great birthday weekend.....

    Mawmaw & Pawpaw

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