Friday, July 23, 2010

The Great TV Experiment: Phase One

As part of our ongoing goal to save money, we decided to cancel the satellite dish once our contract was up.  Our contract ended at the beginning of July, but Ryan wanted to keep it for a few more weeks so that he could watch Le Tour.  Well, Le Tour is almost over, so we've instituted Phase One of our great television experiment:  Netflix.

We've been having lots of fun streaming some shows and movies through the Wii.  Liam loves watching Veggie Tales and Ryan is having fun watching shows like Nip/Tuck.  We've got Dexter and Arrested Development on the queue, too, so I have a feeling that we're going to waste away watching all these shows.

We haven't received any DVDs in the mail yet, but that's just because I didn't add any to the queue until this evening.  And since Ryan put the account in my name, you can probably guess what I've added to our incoming movies....

1. Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, of course)
2. The Young Victoria
and finally....
3. The Other Boleyn Girl 

Phase Two is to get a refurbished TiVo box since we can't live without a DVR.

Phase Three is to get a huge antenna for the roof so that we can get the over-the-air network and local stations.

Phase Four is to send back the satellite and DVR.

Phase Five is to cross our fingers that the kids don't freak out about losing their shows.

Guess which phase has us freaking out the most....

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  1. Tien said...

    Don't leave me/us hanging. Which phase has you freaking out the most? Would it be 4?