Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bed Hopping

Anyone out there have kids who share a room?  Does it work?  Do they keep each other awake?

Our little mischief-maker and stereotypical middle child, Liam, does not like to sleep alone.  At least four nights out of every seven, he sneaks into our room and crawls into bed with us in the middle of the night.  One of us immediately takes him back to his own bed, but we usually find him in Sydney's bed or Evan's crib in the morning.  Sometimes we find Evan in Liam's bed.  It's a real game of musical beds around here.

We're thinking about letting the boys share a room for a while.  Once we get our new bed and do our bed swap-a-roo thing, we might just put the boys' beds in the same room.  They're 18 months apart and spend all day fighting playing together and we thought they'd want separate rooms, but they seem to really enjoy sleeping together, too.

We're just worried that it will take them way too long to fall asleep or our early riser (Liam) will wake up our deep sleeper (Evan) way too early and cause some major grumpiness.



  1. Well, our two share a room, have for over a year, and it works out beautifully for the most part. We're totally planning on moving Addy to her own room and putting the two boys together once the baby is a year or so old and done with nighttime feedings. We thought they might keep each other up (A and E) but once they got used to it that hasn't been much of a problem at all. Mostly it's just helped, because Eli hates hates hates sleeping alone and he really didn't start sleeping through the night reliably UNTIL we moved him in with Addy. I wish we'd done it when he was a baby, honestly! But then, Addy is a very deep sleeper and could've snored right through his nighttime feedings. Eli... could not, so that's why we won't be moving the baby in with him initially.

  2. My boys share a room. They have identical sleep schedules, so it works out great. They don't like to sleep apart, even when we are staying at someone else's house. I think it makes them both feel better to look across the room and see their brother.
    There have been times in the middle of the night when one is sick or crying or something, and even the most commotion doesn't wake up the sleeping brother.

  3. Our boys share a room and it has worked out fairly well. The major problem we have is getting them to clean it! Raley is more organized but Clay makes most of the mess. They are equally deep sleepers but we occasionally have to yell at them to "GO TO SLEEP!!!!!" It's worth a shot...

  4. Tien said...

    I don't have any insights here but am wondering how Evan gets into Liam's bed??!! :-)