Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little Reality TV Isn't Such a Bad Thing

During the day, I generally let the kids have control over what we watch on TV (within reason, of course).  We don't watch a lot of it (remind me to tell you about our new TV time rules sometime), but since I get to watch what I want after they go to bed, I don't mind watching what they want during the day.  While channel surfing one evening last week in between bath time and bed time, I stumbled upon an old episode of Super Nanny and informed them that I wanted them to watch it.

I don't usually watch shows like Super Nanny because I'm not really into the whole reality show thing, but the preview for it showed a little boy having one heck of a temper tantrum over snack time and I thought the show could provide me with a teachable moment or two.

Boy, howdy.

The five year old boy on the show threw temper tantrums about everything.  He didn't get waffles for his snack.  Tantrum.  Mom had to leave to go to work.  Tantrum.  Mom wouldn't buy him a toy at the toy store (which was apparently something she would do 2-3 times a week!).  Tantrum.

And not just a whining, annoying kind of tantrum.  A screaming, thrashing, throwing himself on the floor kind of tantrum.

After the third or fourth one, Liam had his mouth open out of shock and Sydney turned to me and asked, "What's wrong with that boy?"

I paused the show (hurray for DVRs) and we talked about how the boy was acting, why he was acting that way and ways that he could improve his behavior.

At one point, Jo, the Super Nanny, knelt down in front of the crying boy and said, "That's enough.  Stop crying.  Mummy said no toys today.  That means no toys.  The end."

Sydney looked up and said, "You say that kind of thing to us all of the time."

Yep.  I sure do.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something right.  And I'm glad my kids saw other kids getting disciplined in a similar fashion.

I don't really like reality shows, but I might have to start recording that one.  I think it's good for the kids and if nothing else, it makes me feel like I'm doing an OK job as a parent.  I think every parent needs that kind of reassurance from time to time.

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  1. I heart Supernanny!! I have done the same thing with the boys and I think they get it too. Very cool that Liam and Sydney made the connection :)