Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Second Grade Swooning

Ever heard of Silly Bandz?  They're really thin, rubber bracelets that come in various shapes (hearts, castles, animals, etc) and they are the newest craze among the elementary school crowd.  Actually, they're not new, they're just new to Sydney since I've avoided them like the plague after hearing about them several months ago.

Kids collect them and trade them.  Heck, I've seen adults collect them and trade them.  They're like baseball cards, except they're completely worthless.  And probably germ-ridden.

Anyway, someone gave Sydney a few of them a month or so ago and after seeing her classmates wear them to school the first day, she insisted on wearing hers yesterday and today.  She informed me that one of the boys who sits at her table claims that he's going to buy a whole bag of them just for her.

And then I watched my seven year old girl swoon.  I almost threw up on the spot.

I can certainly understand why many schools have banned them after watching my usually sensible daughter go gaga over strings of rubber and a boy who's promised them to her.   I'm wishing her school would do the same.

Seven years old and swooning over a boy.  Seven years old.  Where did my baby go?


  1. Oh my word!! I saw these things in the store yesterday and then I remembered hearing about them. They are banned here though. Swooning?! Oh my word!

  2. Addy's aunt gave her a bunch of them and she was in love for about a day and since then they've been shoved in her jewelry box. THANK GOODNESS. I'm really scared that whem she starts preschool she's going to realize they're uber-cool and start wearing them every day and then I'm going to be that mom with the five year old who's already hip to the trends. Gag.

  3. Amanda said... Swooning already! You and Ryan are already in trouble. :)

  4. just fyi: the reason some schools banned (and ours is considering banning) these bands is because alot of them are too small to fit on a child's wrist. When they are left on too long they cause sores and cuts. I've banned them from my daughter as a bracelet - they can be used as a collectible only - because of the risks. She is TINY for her age and she still has some that leave marks on her wrist.

    - Kim