Monday, March 10, 2008

More Baby Name Madness

Upon the suggestions of Swistle and Mairzy and their "Baby Naming Blog", I checked out "The Baby Name Wizard" from the library (can you believe there are only THREE copies of this in our entire city library system?!?).

What I found most interesting about the book was the sibling name choices it gives. For example, for the name Sydney, it suggests sister names of Mackenzie, Bailey, Aubrey, Jordan & Shelby. For brother names, it suggests Hunter, Logan, Dalton, Connor & Parker.

For Liam, it suggests the sister names of Chloe, Ava, Mia, Lily & Riley. For brother names, it suggests Gavin, Riley, Aidan, Carson & Connor.


NONE of those names were on our lists. Some of them fall into one of my two "no-no" categories: last names turned into first names (Bailey, Jordan, Hunter, Logan, Dalton, Parker, Carson) and names that can be either boy or girl names (Mackenzie, Jordan, Shelby, Riley, Aidan [seriously, I know a little girl named Aidan]). I have no problem with other people using names that fall into those two categories, but they're just not for me.

Ironically, according to the book, Sydney falls into both of those categories. Maybe it didn't bug me as much when we named her almost five (gasp!) years ago. Or maybe we just really loved Sydney Bristow five years ago.

I won't tell you which ones, but a couple of the names the book suggested were added to our ever-growing lists. And now we're up to 16 probable girl names and 13 probable boy names. I'll be handing the list to Ryan tonight so that he can scratch out the ones he doesn't like. Therefore, the list should be cut almost in half by tomorrow morning. And since we generally shy away from names that fall into the current "Top Ten", several more will be cut just because they're too popular. After all, I don't want my child to be labeled "Emily L." or "Jacob L." for their entire school career (and no, neither Emily nor Jacob are on our lists).

Naming a baby is tough and for some reason, naming Baby #3 has proven to be the most difficult for us. Silly me thought it would be EASIER having done it twice before.

At least we still have two more months to decide. Sigh.

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