Monday, March 3, 2008

Hallelujah X 3.....And Also a (semi) Cowgirl

Whoever said that bad news comes in threes must have gotten it wrong because for me, at least this past week, GOOD news came in a set of three.

Hallelujah #1: My test results came back and I do not have gestational diabetes. I do have pregnancy-related anemia again, but that's no surprise. I'm just thrilled that I don't have to give up carbs and sweets! I think I'll celebrate with a milkshake.

Hallelujah #2: After sitting in a crowded room with 50 other hopeful mothers and their restless children, Liam's name was finally called ensuring that he has a spot in a Mother's Day Out program next fall. Seeing as this program is at my sister's church in The Land of Fruit (and I've already paid the non-refundable registration fee and one month's tuition), this pretty much confirms that we are, in fact, moving out to the 'burbs sometime this summer.

Hallelujah #3: Liam is FINALLY walking!!!!!! He toddles all over the place now. Check out this video for proof. Of course, I recorded it a week ago today so he still looks wobbly, but he is really starting to take off. Pretty soon I'll be running after him.


Friday was "Go Texan Day" here in Houston. I always hated Go Texan Day growing up because 1) my family never went to the rodeo it celebrates and 2) I didn't have any Texan-y things to wear. I've never owned a pair of cowboy boots (and, frankly, I never plan to), I don't listen to country music, and the last time I rode a horse was at Girl Scout Camp circa 1986. Ryan feels the same way about it as I do, minus the fact that even though he claims that he hates country music, he magically knows the words to just about any old-school country song that we happen to hear when we're out and about. Anyway, I digress....

As much as we dislike the whole stereotypical Texan thing, Sydney, however, was all gung-ho about it and who could blame her with her teachers hyping it up all week. So, I did the best I could in putting together a cowgirl outfit for her. Does this look cowgirl-ish enough to you? (You can't really see them, but she's wearing her knee high black boots under her jeans.)


I certainly hope it's Texan-y, because after last year, when I completely ignored it and dressed her in regular clothes, the other kids made fun of her and even her teacher semi-scolded me at pickup time. Sheesh.

So this year, I actually tried and Sydney seemed to fit right in. Who knew that there would be so much peer pressure in pre-school?

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