Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pregnancy Weirdness

Lots of people have asked me how this pregnancy compares to my other two. I think they're just trying to figure out the gender of the baby (which is funny because keeping the gender a surprise seems to be driving everyone else crazy, but not us).

I wish I could give them some "clues", but generally, it's going the same as the other two. I had terrible morning sickness with all three. I've had a couple of bouts with heartburn, but I had that with them, too. And the anemia? Well, that's par for the course as well.

There have been a few differences, but I don't think they have anything to do with gender (that I know of at least - if you've heard differently, please clue me in). For instance, this time, I have had terrible nose bleeds. The doctor didn't seem concerned or even bother to tell me how to prevent them. He simply said, "That's fairly normal." Thanks, pal. Because I'm really enjoying having blood drip out of my nose with absolutely no warning (at CHURCH) and waking up congested with blood instead of the usual pregnancy-induced sinus ickiness.

My hips have also been giving out/popping out of place. I didn't have that with Sydney or Liam. I suppose my body didn't get the memo that a c-section has been scheduled and it doesn't have to prepare for labor.

And the weirdest thing has been the dreams. I remember having strange dreams with the other two but nothing like what I've been having lately. The top three weird dreams I've had so far:

1) I could tell women the gender of the baby they were having by the way they cut chicken. I'd watch them cut up chicken (like for a casserole) and I could instantly tell by the way they cut it if they were having a boy or girl. I interpret this to mean that I've been cooking chicken too often and need to broaden my repertoire of dinner menu items.

2) We went to a local art/street fair and saw a vendor selling toupees. Ryan insisted on buying one that looked like squirrel fur. It looked so fake and I tried to convince him that he did not need it, but he wouldn't listen. I'm at a loss for an interpretation of this one.

3) We went to our big ultrasound and instead of seeing a baby on the screen, we saw a sock monkey. The doctor acted like it was completely normal, even saying, "Here's your baby!" All the while, I'm lying on my back covered in ultrasound goo crying out in disbelief that I would be giving birth to a sock monkey in a few short months. I haven't looked at a sock monkey the same way since. In fact, they pretty much give me the creeps now.

So....what's the weirdest thing that happened to you while pregnant? What was your weirdest dream?

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