Friday, March 21, 2008

The One

Is there such a thing as the perfect house? I know everyone has different ideas on what is "perfect", but when you were looking for a house, did you walk into one and just think to yourself, "This is it. This is OUR house."?

We went house hunting in The Land of Fruit today and toured seven homes. One was a good size and had a great floor plan but was in terrible condition. Seriously, terrible condition - dead bugs all over, water damage, missing light fixtures, holes in walls and oh, yeah, EVERY room was painted blue. We call it the Smurf House.

Another one was in impeccable condition and needed absolutely no work at all. The wall colors were great, the backyard was a great size and the kitchen was fabulous. The homeowners even baked cookies and left them on the counter for us. But it just wasn't perfect. It was a great house, but not *exactly* what we wanted.

Are we expecting too much? Should we buy an almost-perfect house (not get everything single thing we want) and settle? Or should we keep looking for "THE ONE"? Is there even such a thing as "THE ONE"?

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