Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Over the weekend, Sydney was in a style show at my parents' church. She got to go to a major department store and pick out an outfit to model in front of over 100 ladies (and a few men). Of course, the outfit had to coordinate with my dad's since he was Sydney's escort. There was even a cosmetologist at the style show to do hair and makeup for the models. Needless to say, Sydney was in heaven.

Here she is with my dad:


Here's her "official pose":


And her "silly pose":


I wouldn't be surprised if she declares her new life's ambition to be modeling (instead of a fairy princess). Sadly, due to her gene pool, she will not be blessed with height, so I'm not so sure how modeling will work out for her. But perhaps she'll be satisfied to model in future church fashion shows.


And in baby name news, as predicted, Ryan pared down our list of possibilities. We're down to 12 girl names (from 16) and 8 boy names (from 13). Of those, I really like 5 of the girl names and 3 of the boy names. So we're getting closer!!!

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