Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Update

I had my 32 week checkup this week. 32 weeks. That means six weeks to go, people. Six weeks! I'm nowhere near ready for this little person to make his/her entrance.

But, ready or not, May 15th at noon, I'll be getting prepped for my c-section. So in the next six weeks I need to:

-buy a baby book and fill out what I can
-get a gender neutral "going home" outfit
-get out, wash and organize our stash of newborn clothes, burp cloths and blankets
-buy newborn diapers (I think Liam's Size 4's will be just a *tad* too big)
-decide on names!
-sign the two dozen documents saying I won't sue the hospital if I die
-get (and wrap) sibling gifts for Sydney and Liam
-take the kids to get a gift for the baby
-change my iPod Shuffle from "Workout mix" to "Relaxation mix"
-figure out how to charge my iPod Shuffle
-install the infant car seat in the van (and do car seat musical chairs with the other two)
-boil bottle nipples
-buy a can of formula "just in case"
-figure out which sling to buy (or just buy whatever I can find at the resale shop)
-find a picture of Sydney and Liam to display in my hospital room
-figure out what kind of little gifts to give my OB's nurses (and my postpartum nurses)
-stop freaking out
-stop freaking out
-stop freaking out
-did I mention stop freaking out?

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