Wednesday, April 9, 2008


In whittling down my baby "to do" list, I bought #3 a baby book. Sydney and Liam's books are Pooh-themed so #3 got a Pooh-themed book as well. All three have different covers, but the contents of the books are similar. As I filled in as much of #3's book as possible, Ryan and I got to looking at the same information I filled in for Sydney and Liam. Quite interesting, I have to say.....

Loaf of bread:
May 2003 - $1.59
Nov 2006 - $1.99
May 2008 - $2.49

A jar of honey:
May 2003 - $0.89
Nov 2003 - $1.99
May 2008 - $2.59

A home (remember, this is Houston where home prices are fairly low):
May 2003 - $120,000
Nov 2006 - $150,000
May 2008 - $180,000

A car (based on a sedan):
May 2003 - $20,000
Nov 2006 - $25,000
May 2008 - $28,000

And my favorite, a gallon of gas:
May 2003 - $1.59
Nov 2006 - $1.97
May 2008 - $3.22 (yikes!)

May 2003 - "In slow period; stock market recovering, unemployment rate climbing"
Nov 2006 - "In slowing period due to rising oil costs and deflating home costs"
May 2008 - "In 'contraction', bordering on recession, high oil prices, high unemployment, real estate bust"

Current events (I just LOVE what I wrote in Sydney's):
May 2003 - Prez. Bush declares "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq after a "heroic" landing on an air craft carrier
Nov 2006 - Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld resigns after Democrats take control of Congress following midterm elections; war in Iraq ongoing
May 2008 - left blank for now; who knows what could happen!

Funny how things change so much, but so many things remain the same. Makes me want to dig out my baby book to see what my mom wrote.

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