Monday, April 28, 2008

Party Planning

In addition to preparing for Baby #3, packing and fixing up our house and bidding on another house, we are also planning Sydney's 5th birthday party. Her birthday is two days before Baby #3 is due to arrive so her party is set for the Saturday before. Which is less than two weeks away, my friends. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!

After going to party after party over the last few months, she finally decided what kind of shindig she wanted: a princess dress-up party (the boys could wear Star Wars or Godzilla costumes, she informed us) at Pump It Up. Of course, she didn't tell us this. She just told all of her friends at school and had them all excited about it. It wasn't until another mother approached me at pick-up time and asked about it that we'd heard a word about her plans. We hated to burst her bubble, but first of all, the place she picked was a little out of our budget and second, I don't think it's possible to do all the activities there while wearing a costume.

So, we convinced her that a simple party at the (free) park would be even more fun. Talk about my high school debate skills being put to the test on that one! Of course, Sydney must be headed for the debate team herself, because our simple park party has turned into a full-blown extravaganza.

Apparently, pizza, cake and playground equipment weren't going to cut it. She's now having a cookie cake (because her friend, Zoe, had one at her party). And we're bringing along hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles and the like because another friend had those at her party. And, the biggest coup of all:


Yes, folks, that is a pinata. A Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) pinata. A really big, unattractive pinata that will be giving five year olds all over the city nightmares for months to come. Using a big stick to beat the snot out of a giant star or rainbow is one thing, but to actually hang a 'person' from a tree and beat her with a stick until she splits open seems a little unsightly to me. But, the things you'll do for your child.......

The one highlight of the party that I'm looking forward to is the gift policy. Just like last year, we've requested "no gifts". Fortunately, she didn't even notice that her friends didn't bring gifts last year and since several of her friends instituted the same policy over the past year, I think she'll be fine with it.

Funny how a simple party at the park has evolved into such a big bunch of hoopla. Is there such a thing as a simple birthday party anymore?

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