Friday, April 25, 2008

This Week is Brought to You by the Letter 'W'

Whiney - I'll admit that my last two posts were quite whiney. I knew it was bad when Ryan said he loved my rant posts and that I reminded him of Lewis Black. Now, I enjoy Lewis Black's humor, but I don't think I want to be compared to him.

Windows - We got four new windows for our house on Wednesday. They are pretty and shiny. And clean. And well-installed (unlike the ones they removed). A little more caulk and some trim painting and they'll be done!

Windows, part 2 - One of the windows in our van was broken out yesterday. They didn't try to steal anything, thankfully, but I still can't wait until we've got a garage to park our cars in!

Waiting - Our realtor faxed in our bid on a house in the Land of Fruit this morning. Now we just have to wait and see if the owners accept it. (I know I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but we had to wait until Ryan was back from NYC to get the ball rolling)

Washing - Our two vehicles need some major washing. We have a mulberry tree in our yard and while we love the shade it provides, but the purple berries it produces are not our favorites. Unfortunately, mulberries ARE a favorite of the birds who live in our trees and well, purple food = purple poop. Hence, the need for some car washing.

Well - I think Liam is finally over the worst of his double ear infections. Yay for antibiotics!

Weekend - Ahh....the weekend. I can't wait!

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