Thursday, April 24, 2008

General Wonderments

Will someone please tell me why....

....there was a commercial on Nickelodeon this morning for one of those medical alert/alarm companies? Has there been a sudden increase in the number of toddlers and pre-schoolers who fall and can't get up (and have no one to help them)?

....there was a man in a hospital gown pacing back and forth in front of the bus stop near Sydney's school?

....we're moving out the 'burbs (with more driving) when it cost me $63 to fill up the van this morning?

....did I bother doing all the paperwork to get Sydney transferred to a decent neighborhood school (just in case we didn't move) just so I could get a letter saying she was 35th on the waiting list for the advanced kindergarten that only has 35 students to begin with? Hmmm....I think I just answered the previous question. is impossible to get more than three hours' sleep in a row when 35 weeks pregnant? Aren't pregnant women supposed to rest and store up as much energy as possible?

....this guy refuses to get a haircut? Ewww....

....all the organic foods, "green" cleaning products, "green" cosmetics and "green" personal hygiene products cost ten times more than the regular ones? How are we supposed to be able to afford that stuff, especially when gas costs so much, too?

....Sydney's pre-school graduation, with little caps and gowns and everything, is scheduled for the day AFTER my c-section?

....not one candidate for president (all three of whom claim they want to help the lower and middle classes) has a clue what it's like to be lower or middle class? When's the last time they went grocery shopping and despite the coupons and "discount card" and an already stripped-down grocery list, almost died when the cashier revealed the total bill?

....being sleep deprived makes me so grumpy (hence the tone of this post and the excess of parentheses and quotation marks)?

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