Friday, June 13, 2008


We now own a house in The Land of Fruit!!!

As soon as we get the keys and do some cleaning and mowing (even though it's supposed to rain tomorrow after a month of drought), I will share some pictures.

The second best news this week is that I am back in my pre-baby clothes! I've lost 20 of my 30 baby-related pounds which is just enough to allow me to squeeze back into non-maternity wear. Bye-bye elastic waisted shorts and big, frumpy shirts!

The rest of our week has been a balancing act of trying to keep Evan awake during his feedings, tending to Liam's ear infection and battling Sydney to eat her entire lunch instead of playing. Who says parenting isn't fun?

And as a consolation for my lack of posting this week (hey - I've had TWO babies on my lap for hours on end), I'll leave you with a photo summary of our lives the past few days:

Ryan as a jungle gym:


Liam after discovering our box of dress-up clothes:


Liam blow drying his curls:


And then eating the blow dryer in true toddler style:


Giving hugs to little brother:


And Evan in his favorite spot:


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