Monday, June 9, 2008


1. We survived our day alone. All of us were up, dressed and out the door by 7:45 so that I could drop Sydney off at school and then drop Ryan off at work. Aren't you impressed? It helps that Evan let me have an unprecedented FOUR hours of sleep IN A ROW last night. Let's hope this is a trend and not a coincidence. It also helps that my sister came to visit/hold Evan/entertain Liam/bring me lunch. Talk about a huge help.

2. Sydney is not any taller than she was at her checkup. But we're hoping that the vitamins she's now forced to take will encourage a growth spurt. One can hope, right? Now if they just made a chewable pill for whininess and arguing.....hmmm......

3. Liam is saying a couple of new words so I can add them to the theoretical list that I'm supposed to be making for the pediatrician. He is also recovering from yet another ear infection - his third since March. Poor little guy. He is also being much nicer to Evan which is a huge relief. He is very curious about Evan and likes to touch Evan's nose and then his own nose or touch Evan's ear and then his own ear. He is also quite fond of giving Evan hugs and kisses, although he's a bit rougher than we'd like him to be. But, hey, I'll take rough hugs and kisses over hitting any day.

4. Evan is growing by leaps and bounds. I don't know how much he weighs now, but he's outgrown a couple of his little outfits and a set of pajamas already. He has also decided that all he wants to do in the evening is eat, which is fun for him, but kind of a pain for me since I'd like to do other things with my time, like say take a shower or eat dessert or fold laundry. (OK, maybe I don't WANT to fold laundry, but it still has to get done) BUT, if this non-stop eating means I can get more than two hours of sleep in a row, I'll take it.

5. Our new house.....sigh. We were supposed to close last Thursday, but the paperwork wasn't done. Ditto for Friday. And since the owners have already moved, when the paperwork does get done, it will have to over-nighted for them to sign and then over-nighted back here for us to sign. So who knows when we'll close. We were hoping to move at the end of the month, but if the lazy/stupid/incompetent paperwork people don't do their jobs, it may have to wait until July. They're just lucky that Ryan is the one dealing with them because if I were the one calling them, they would truly understand the wrath of a hormonal, sleep-deprived mother of three who has a very low threshold for laziness and incompetence.

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