Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hair Update & a Nap Dilemma

The haircut went quite well. The salon was cute and clean, the stylist was nice, she cut my hair exactly how I wanted it cut (without having to see a picture) and one of the other stylists played with Evan the whole time so that he wouldn't fuss. And at $25, the price was just right, too. So I think we have a winner in the hair salon department.

I'd show you a picture, but a) I didn't take one because b) it doesn't look all that different. I decided to not do anything drastic until I found a new stylist that I trusted. So maybe next time, OK?


In other news, Liam decided that his big boy bed wasn't so bad after all. He's slept in it every night for a week, but I'm having problems getting him to nap in it. He keeps getting out of his bed to play even though there is nothing else in his room other than his dresser and glider. His idea of playing includes pulling the door stoppers off, playing with the doorknob and pulling the phone cord out of the wall.

Any ideas on how to keep him in it? At two years old, he still needs a nap and I need some quiet time. We never had this problem with Sydney (once the rail was up, she stayed in bed until we got her up) so I'm at a loss.

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