Monday, January 26, 2009

New Links

I may be taking a bit of a blogging break, but I thought I could at least muster the energy to update my blogroll off to the left. Stop by and take a look at some of my new favorites:

You can find RachelAnn at Life of a Single Girl. She's a real life Carrie Bradshaw who lets me live vicariously through her. She gets to take business trips to NYC and even has her own Mr. Big. I'm quite envious. Of course, the horrible blind date she wrote about today makes me glad that I'm done with dating.

My friend Shiran became a dad six weeks ago (has it really been six weeks already?). You can read about parenthood through a new dad's eyes at hipdad. I love mom blogs, but his perspective really gets me thinking.

You can find Sherri at The Sakson Family. Sherri and her husband, Will, are real-life friends of ours. Their daughter, Zoe, is pals with Sydney. Grab a glass a wine and check out her funny take on life. :)

The "Blog" of Unnecessary Quotation Marks makes fun of signs that use quotation marks all willy nilly. It's a must read if grammatical errors are a pet peeve for you like they are for me.

Cake Wrecks shows pictures of cakes gone wrong. Having created a few bad cakes of my own, I find this one pretty funny. If you're a fan of cupcake cakes, you might not want to follow this one since the author seems to have a personal vendetta against them. Also, some of the cakes are not meant for little eyes, so please be advised.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get some bloggy inspiration soon. Until then, I hope you'll check some of my new reads. Happy reading, everyone!

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