Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Wrap-up and Randomness

* Thanks to split families and traveling relatives, we had no fewer than four Christmas celebrations this year. That's a lot of presents and food. And, to Sydney's dismay, a lot of thank you cards. One of my favorite gifts this year was this apron from Ryan. Fits me to a T and cracks me up every time I look at it.

* One of the funnier moments this Christmas was when we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus on Christmas morning. My mom had placed two candles in our coffee cake and Liam thought we were singing to him. After all, it was just a little over a month ago when we put two candles in a cake and sang to him. Poor little guy was so disappointed when Sydney blew out the candles; we re-lit them and let him blow them out, too.

* One of the saddest moments this Christmas was when my camera officially died on Christmas Eve. My mom has loaned me hers for the time being, but it will have to be returned soon. That little camera recorded a lot of big moments for us.

* I came to the realization that we are, in fact, old and boring people. Our New Year's Eve was spent on the road home from New Orleans. We put the kids to bed as usual and tried to stay up until midnight, but wound up going to bed at 11 pm. How sad is that?

* Evan is thisclose to crawling. Any minute now, really. I'm proud, but a little sad at the same time.

* We set up Liam's big boy bed yesterday. It's actually the shorter trundle bed that goes under Sydney's twin bed, but we figured it's a good starter bed for him. We've been giving him the choice of sleeping in it or his crib. Last night he chose the bed, but kept getting out of it, so we put him back in his crib. For nap time today, he chose his bed, but five minutes later was trying to climb into his crib after having thrown his lovey and quilt into it. Guess he's just not quite ready yet.

* I think meteorologists have no idea what they're talking about. For months we heard that this winter was going to be the coldest, wettest winter in years. Liars. I've been wearing shorts and t-shirts for a week now. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cold. We'll see.

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