Saturday, February 28, 2009

The New Dwarfs

Snow White had seven dwarfs as roommates, but our house has five more that could easily fit in at their little cottage in the woods:

Liam's dwarf name is Wheezy. Poor little guy caught a cold and it moved into his lungs. He woke up Friday morning coughing and wheezing and his shallow little breaths had me worrying. We spent two hours at the pediatrician's office so that he could get examined and have a breathing treatment. He was not fond of that AT ALL. Holding him down reminded me of the time I tried to give my parents' cat a bath: lots of clawing and screaming. He's now on an antibiotic (since his ears didn't look all that great, either) and a steroid inhaler. We're hoping they work and he'll be back to his old self soon.

My dwarf name is Achy. Like most moms, I caught my child's germs. Sore throat, stuffy nose, achy muscles.....I've got it all. I'm tempted to take a couple of puffs of Liam's inhaler, but I guess I shouldn't steal medicine from my child. :)

Ryan's dwarf name is Drowsy (he's cousin to Snow White's Sleepy). A huge project at work kept him out late Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. He even had to work this morning for a while. You can imagine how tired he is after working 14-15 hour days with very little sleep. I joked that he was apparently giving up his children as his Lenten sacrifice seeing as the kids hardly saw him for a few days.

Sydney's dwarf name is Whiny. She hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention lately due to Liam's illness and Ryan's work schedule and boy has she let us hear about it. Hopefully we'll have some time to dote on her tomorrow.

And Evan? His dwarf name is Smiley. The boy loves to smile. And after the last few days, those smiles are certainly a welcome sight in our house.

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