Thursday, March 26, 2009

Odds and Ends (Again)

It seems like I have way too many odds and ends posts....I guess that means I should be blogging more often. Or less. I don't know.

I had so much fun reading the names of the people that share your birthdays. I don't believe in all that astrological stuff because you'd think that people who share birthdays would have similar personalities. Some of the combinations you guys listed were quite odd: Anne Frank and George H. W. Bush, Oliver Stone and Agatha Christie, Ashton Kutcher and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Weird combinations.

My birthday was fun. We dropped the kids off at my parents' house (yeah!) and went and had delicious sushi at a restaurant that had no crayons on the table. (The crayons thing was my one requirement.) I got to sleep until 8:30 the next morning and that was just heavenly. I got up and gave myself a pedicure and then Ryan took me to Nordstrom's to look for some new shoes, but after seeing the price tags on some of those heels, I made him promise to not spend that much on something that goes on my feet. I could not in good conscience have him spend two weeks' worth of grocery money on one pair of shoes. We browsed some more, ate lunch and I finished my big day with a nap and a steak and shrimp dinner prepared by my wonderful hubby. Great day!

But then I felt bad when my parents dropped the kids off the next day. They looked exhausted and my mom told me that she had a whole new respect for what I do every day. But how cool is it that my mom respects what I do?

The kids had a great time, even if we had to put them through grandparent detox the next day. It's hard to convince your two year old that he has to take a nap when grandma let him just "rest" on the floor with a movie on. Or to remind your five year old that she's only allowed one dessert a day.

They grew up a little while they were there, too. Evan's first tooth popped out while they were there. And one of Sydney's teeth began to wiggle. She's so excited to lose her first tooth and wiggles it back and forth all day long. It grosses me out a little bit. I'll post a picture of Little Miss Gaptooth when the tooth finally falls out.

And lastly, Evan had his clogged tear duct opened today. Ryan stayed to watch while the doctor plunged a blunt needle down into my baby's tear duct, but I left the procedure room. I sat in the hallway bawling while Evan screamed and cried. It was horrible and seemed like it lasted twenty minutes when it probably lasted less than two. Hopefully, this procedure is the end of Evan's icky eye goop. If so, the screaming, crying and bleeding (yes, there was blood dripping from his little eye) were totally worth it.

Tomorrow we're hoping to end our Spring Break by visiting the Blue Bell Creamery and taking our annual bluebonnet pictures.

I'm going to be sad when Spring Break ends.

And I'm going to be really sad when Ryan goes back to work.

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