Friday, March 20, 2009

Put on Your Thinking Caps!

Dilemma #1: Liam's speech

He is 28 months old and has a vocabulary of about 100 words and sounds (car sounds, animal sounds, etc). He's said a couple of two or three word phrases like, "Night, night, mommy" and "More milk, please." Today I caught him wagging his finger at Evan and saying, "No, no, Evan." But he's still way behind his classmates and we still have a hard time understanding the words he does use. He's a smart little guy, but he just can't verbalize his thoughts which makes the temper tantrums all the more frustrating for both him and me.

I've looked into private speech therapy (since he isn't far enough behind to qualify for the state's early childhood therapy) and here are our options:

1.) Have a therapist come to our house for 30 minutes once a week - $50 per session.
2.) Take him to a speech therapy clinic for one hour per week - $50 insurance co-pay per session if our insurance cooperates.
3.) Take him to a speech therapy clinic for one hour per week - $ unknown if our insurance doesn't cooperate.
4.) Wait and see.


Dilemma #2: Clothes

I've started cleaning out my closet and can't decide what to keep and what to give away. I'm definitely giving away all the things that are completely out of style and things I haven't worn in years (like my old work clothes). But I don't know about the rest. After Sydney was born, I was a size 8. After Liam was born, I was a size 4. And now, after Evan, I'm right in the middle at a size 6 so I've got three different sizes of clothing in my closet. Should I:

1.) Be an optimist and keep the size 4 clothes in hopes that I will get back down to that size?
2.) Be a pessimist and keep the size 8 clothes just in case (heaven forbid) I gain weight?
3.) Be a realist and get rid of both the 4's and 8's since I'm a size 6?


Dilemma #3: Free Day

My parents are keeping all three kids for 48 whole hours next week! I am excited beyond belief. This will be my first big block of completely child-free time since before Evan was born 10 months ago. What should I do with my free time?

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