Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Pillow Talk

After years of talking about it, we finally bought a new bed.  Ryan's recently divorced and perpetually-working-out-of-town brother offered to give us his unused spare bed, but after hearing about his latest dating adventures and exploits, we politely declined and filed his offer under "Ewww" and "No, thank you."

So we took advantage of both the Labor Day sales and the kindness of grandparents who practically beg us to babysit and took the holiday weekend to do some childless mattress and bed shopping.  Ryan had already done a little shopping, tried out a few mattresses and had a good idea of what he wanted.  Me?  I didn't really care.  As long as it was comfortable, I didn't care if it had foam, springs, coils or tiny little fairies giving our backs support. (No, there aren't beds with tiny little fairies inside, but wouldn't that be cool?)

We'd never shopped for a mattress before, so the whole experience was a little weird.  There's nothing like lying on a series of showroom floor mattresses under the eager and watchful eye of a salesperson who is desperate to meet her holiday sale quota.   Firm vs. soft, coil vs. foam, pillow top vs. plain - too many choices!  And how, exactly, are you supposed to know after lying on a mattress for five minutes that it's "the one"?

I pretty much just let Ryan choose what he wanted (firm, with coils and a pillowtop) and do the negotiating (definitely a skill he excels in and I most definitely do not).  While he was dealing with the details, I searched for and found the fancy Tempur-Pedic mattresses.  I tried one out just for the fun of it and I am so glad we didn't plan to get one of those.  In just five minutes' time, I felt like I was being sucked into it like quicksand and began sweating.  I can't imagine sleeping on one of those night after night.

As for our new bed, Ryan did a great job in choosing it.  So great, in fact, neither of us wants to get out of bed in the morning.  He's actually missed his morning workout several times in the past couple of weeks because he turns the alarm off and immediately falls back asleep.  We joke that we should send it back and get a less comfortable one.

As for the kids, all three of them are enjoying their "new" beds.  Liam likes being in his "tall" twin bed and Evan loves his big boy bed despite his being unable to sleep in one spot.  We never know exactly where in the bed he's going to be when we get him up in the morning.  Sydney is excited to sleep in a big bed and likes to sleep right in the middle.  Just like her mother.  :)

Now we just have to find new bedspreads.  My mom said she'd make a quilt for Liam and one for us, so that just leaves Sydney and Evan.  Hmmm.....I think I've just figured out what they're getting for Christmas.

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