Monday, September 27, 2010

More Potty Woe

*Clap, clap*

Ok, folks.  Need some advice here.

How do you night (potty) train a boy?

Three months after Sydney day trained, she started waking up with dry diapers and that was the end of that.

Liam?  He day trained nearly nine months ago and wakes up every morning with a completely full diaper.  He turns four in a few weeks and while I know it will be a while before he goes on his first sleep over, it's about time he night trained.

So, here's where you come in...

How in the world do we go about night training the boy?  Wake him up a few times a night to go?  Let him wake up soaking wet a few times till he gets the point?  Make him change his own sheets?

I am clueless, I tell you.  Absolutely clueless.


  1. Raley wore Pullups at night FOREVER!!!!! As in,"Do they make them in a bigger size because we'll need that soon" forever!
    Clay was quicker but he was younger when he started. Pattie still wakes up wet at night and sometimes after her nap as well.
    I'm not sure it's something that can be "trained" or if it has to happen in due time. Sorry, not any help whatsoever, am I?

  2. It took Zachariah about a year after fulling potty training to stay dry all night. I tried waking him up, but he was so sleepy I couldn't get him up to use the potty. We just talked to him each night before bed, and he started to get up when he had to go. Of course there were accidents here and there. I just decided not to be upset about it.

    Another deal we had was putting him in underwear with a mattress pad under his sheets. If he woke up wet, there was a special laundry basket that all the wet stuff went in. He was responsible for taking off wet clothes, sheets and blankets and taking them to the laundry area for me.

    Eventually when he was only wetting once or twice a week, we set a goal. The goal was 2 full weeks without an accident, and we'd take him to Chuck E Cheese. CEC has a chart you can print out from their site, and they even give the kid extra tokens when they bring their completed goal chart in. So we took that and used it for night training. If he got a week and a half in and had an accident, we started all over with a new chart.

    We went through several of these, but boy was he excited when he finally filled up a chart. We made a huge deal of it and went to CEC right away. He had a few accidents after that, but not many at all. That seemed to do the trick.

    Good luck!

  3. No clue, really. Addy was over three by the time she even day trained, so the night followed pretty quickly. I can count on one hand the number of night accidents she'd had in the two years she's been potty trained.
    Eli potty trained FAIRLY easily, and earlier than his sister, thank heavens, but the night has been slower in coming. For the first month or so we just put him in Pull Ups and didn't stress the night business at all. But then he started refusing to wear anything at all resembling diapers because "I am a big boy!!" So now at least once a week (and sometimes MULTIPLE TIMES A NIGHT) we just deal with wet sheets and a quick morning bath. I'm just hoping over time it'll be less and less often. We also definitely cut out the bedtime water sippee!

  4. I think it really depends on his size. His bladder may not be ready to go all night. I kept mine in pull-ups until they told me they didn't want to use them anymore. Jacob wet the bed about 3X a week but Adam had one accident and that was that. I still keep Elizabeth in a diaper at night. Because she can't fit into pullups. She still wears SIZE TWO diapers at 3.5 years old. She wakes up dry but I'm not taking any chances.

    My neice, sshhh, don't tell anyone, just stopped wearing pullups at night. The night before she started second grade.

    Don't sweat it. He'll get it. Before second grade I am sure.

  5. Tien said...

    Thanks for posting this and thanks to everyone who responded. I had the same question. Sarai is potty trained during the day (and doesn't have accidents during her 2-hr nap time), but she has been wearing a pullup at night for a long time now, and I have been wondering when she will stay dry. She is a very heavy sleeper, and I think this has something to do with it. We've realized that if she drinks less milk in the evening, she has better odds of staying dry. But, she really really loves her milk after dinner, and we have not taken this away. I have tried a chart with stickers and while it works with everything else, it doesn't seem to work on this. She is happy that she got a sticker for staying dry, but it does not motivate her to stay dry. When I tuck her in at night, I tell her that if she needs to use the restroom, she can just wake us up. She says okay but this has yet to happen. I guess it will just take time, although I am hopeful the sticker chart will start working.