Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes.....

We were once worried about Sydney's speech development. We're not anymore. Instead of worrying how to get her to talk we're now wondering how to get her to stop. Here are a few of the latest gems.


While waiting for someone to vacate their parking spot so that I could pull into it, I heard from the back seat, "Get out of the way, jerk." Oops....guess I gotta watch my mouth.


While taking turns making up a story:

Sydney: "Once upon a time, there was a princess named Sydney who wore a pink dress and pink shoes. Your turn."

Me: "Princess Sydney put on her pink crown and went for a ride on her horse. Your turn."

Sydney: "And then, she rode all the way to Prince Farquad's castle. Your turn."

Me: "She told Prince Farquad that she wanted to go to school to learn to be a doctor. Your turn."

Sydney: "No, she doesn't want to be a doctor. And then, she said she just wanted to get married so Prince Farquad asked her to marry him and they got married and she wore a white dress with glass slippers just like Cinderella and some mice were there and Shrek wasn't happy but Princess Sydney and Prince Farquad lived happily ever after. The end."

Stupid Disney princesses. Why can't just one of them be a doctor or lawyer or something?


Attack of the "Whys"

Me: "Please don't bend your cards."

Sydney: "Why?"

Me: "Because then you won't be able to play with them anymore."

Sydney: "Why?"

Me: "Because then they'll be all bent and wrinkly."

Sydney: "Why?"

Me: "Because you hurt them by bending them."

Sydney: "Why?"

Me: "I don't know why....why are you bending them?"

Sydney: "I don't know."

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