Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a Jerk!

Get this. The guy whose car we hit on Sunday hired an attorney and is claiming that we are at fault for the accident. Even though the witness said it was clearly his fault. Even though the cop said it was clearly his fault. Even though he is the one who got the ticket.

So now, he's asking our insurance company to pay for the damage on his crappy car EVEN THOUGH HE WAS AT FAULT. Why can't he just admit he was wrong? His car was barely damaged. At least his was drivable and he didn't have to have it towed.

So we can either pay our deductible ($1000), rental fee ($250) and tow fee ($135), get our car back and not have our insurance rates raised (since it wasn't our fault) and let it go or we can file a claim with his no-name backwoods Louisiana insurance.

What does he honestly think we're going to do?


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