Sunday, July 15, 2007

Random Updates

After the horrible weekend we had a week ago, I thought I'd update our situations.

1. Liam is feeling much better. His fever broke and despite a diminished appetite for the past several days, he seems to have recovered from what appears to have been a virus. We're now back to having a happy baby boy.

2. I had a follow-up endodontist appointment on Friday regarding my abscessed tooth. The specialist is going to contact my previous dentists about old x-rays. He thinks that I have an infection in my jawbone that is slowly killing my teeth one by one. Lovely.

3a. The car stereo was quickly fixed after I dug out the "magic code card". We now have music again. Yay!

3b. Unfortunately, our poor car is once again injured. First, I hit a gigantic garbage can last week while playing "garbage can obstacle course" down our street. Our side mirror needs to be replaced. No big deal.

3c. AND, on the way home from church today, Ryan and I were involved in an accident. We are fine (except for a stiff neck for me), but our car is not. The front end is bent and crumpled. The other guy was ticketed (it was SO his fault) and we've arranged to have it towed to a body shop tomorrow. Hopefully, it can be fixed. I really like that car. And thank heaven the kids were not with us since my parents kept them overnight.

We're sad about the car, but it could have been worse. The kids could have been with us. Our airbags could have deployed (we were only going 15 mph or so). It could have been raining (it had just stopped). We could have been hurt. Probably the best thing about the situation is that the elderly gentleman in a car behind us stopped and gave a statement to the police in our defense so it looks like the offender's insurance (yay - he has insurance) will be responsible for fixing up our car and paying for our tow and rental expenses. It really could have been so much worse.

For some good news:

1. We left Liam overnight for the first time and he did a great job. And so did we. I didn't cry once.

2. We saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was awesome!

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