Thursday, August 9, 2007

And the Winner is.......

I don't know. Sorry. I know the suspense is killing some of you, but I just can't decide between Eat This Chocolate and Third Coast Chocolate. I'm still waiting for feedback from my parents (yes, I'm a grown up who still seeks approval from my parents who don't read this blog and don't check their e-mail all that often) and then Ryan and I are going to reserve (and I'm sure there's a more official word for it than that) a web address so that we can start setting up the web page. How's that for a run-on sentence?

A HUGE thank you to everyone who popped on to vote for a name. Who knew all I had to do to get all those comments was say "please" so much? I just might have to give all of you some free chocolate. Of course, if you live more than 30 miles away and I have to mail it, then you'll have to wait until November so the scorching temperatures don't melt it in transit.

In other chocolate news, I made some "thank-you" truffles for the mom hosting Liam's swim class and she passed the box around the group. All of the families live in the neighborhood, which is my target market anyway, and everyone raved. I don't know if they were just being nice or if they truly liked it, but I went ahead and announced that I was starting my own business making it.

So I guess it's official. I am a business owner.

Scary, huh?

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