Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Withdrawal Pains

Our computer is sick. The battery has slowly been losing its ability to hold a charge leaving me a mere 35 minutes or so before I have to plug it back in to recharge. And the recharging cord has to be jiggled "just right" so that it will work and I have yet to figure out how to do that successfully 100% of the time. I am often left with a computer that has a mere 8 minutes or so of life left in it. Considering that I've got enough blogs on my RSS feed to give me at least an hour's worth of reading each day, this computer's ailments are killing me.

So, our little iBook will be going into the shop tomorrow and I just know I am going to be suffering from withdrawal pains. Ryan's pitiful laptop (which shall remain nameless/brandless to save him from the embarrassment of people knowing that he uses a machine so obviously inferior to anything Apple produces) may have to be my methad*ne tomorrow evening if our little baby is still at the computer hospital. I just might have to break down and (*gasp*) actually read a book to entertain myself tomorrow. Maybe I'll finally finish "Two Towers". I don't think I've ever taken this long to read a book.


In other news, my parents are keeping the kids overnight on Sunday (my mom practically begged, what could I do?) so Ryan and I will have a free evening. Anybody have any suggestions on a movie for us to go see? We've already seen the latest Harry Potter, but since our days of seeing non-animated movies ended sometime around May 2003, I have no clue as to what else is out for us to see.

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