Sunday, August 19, 2007


There is progress on the chocolate front! I now have a URL registered and Ryan is currently working on my website. I also have e-mail addresses set up so that customers can contact me through the business rather than through my personal e-mail address.

I took the biggest step so far yesterday: I registered with the state for a tax ID so that I can collect (and pay the state) sales tax. I'm sure I'll be consulting with my mom (who happens to be an accountant) on how to keep track of all of it. It's slowly becoming a reality!

Liam has also made some progress this week. Our little guy began pulling up on furniture, the baby gate, his crib, people, etc. You name it, he can pull himself up on it. We're just waiting for him to start cruising along the couch or from one piece of furniture to the next. He also began drinking from a sippy cup this week and eating finger foods at his meals rather than all pureed baby food. He's growing up. **Sigh**

Progress and change are tough for me. In general, I'm a huge fan of the status quo, but I'm actually looking forward to having the business progress. I think it's exactly what I need to fill my time and feel productive at the same time. Plus, a little extra income couldn't hurt. :)

After all, wouldn't you pay for something like this?

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