Friday, August 31, 2007

Sydneyisms and Jerk of the Week

Our current favorite Sydneyisms:

"Liam! It's not your job to play with that!" (she's very into "jobs" and who is responsible for what)

"Liam! I can't hear my shows - be quiet!" (ahhh....payback's a pain, isn't it?)

"He's annoying me!" (take a guess who "he" is in this scenario)

"That's not nice! You can't tell me what to do!" (this one was directed toward me and followed by a time out)

"Liam's about to hurt himself." (after we told her not to tattle unless someone was about to get hurt)

"When I grow up into a grown up, I can stay up as late as I want."

"When I grow up into a grown up, I can have a TV in my room."

"When I grow up into a grown up, I can eat TWO desserts."

Can you tell she can't wait to grow up?


This week's Jerk of the Week should actually be renamed "Creep of the Week". What makes it worse is that I actually know this guy. He used to be my doctor when I was growing up (he was one of two doctors in town - there really wasn't a choice) and then he was my customer when I worked as a pharmacy clerk and tech. He completely creeped me out when I was teenager (as a customer - I'd changed doctors by then) and now I know why. Turns out that my "female intuition" was right on with this guy. Ewwww.

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