Monday, August 20, 2007

How 'Bout Them Apples?

After thinking back to my economics classes and the concept of supply and demand, I've decided that I should offer seasonal products/treats. I'll be like the Girl Scouts and create a demand for a yummy treat that is only offered once a year. Hopefully, I'll create some buzz and get some loyal customers; and I won't kill myself trying to make the treats all year long. For instance, my Valentine's special will be chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake-stuffed chocolate covered strawberries. And I will only offer them around Valentine's Day. Unless I really like you and then maybe I'll make some for you if you ask me nicely.

When thinking about the other major chocolate holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween), I kind of hit a road block. Until I saw this. Would it not be the perfect treat for the Halloween season? And did you see the price those people were charging? Jeez. Take a look at these. Yum. And how cute are these? I don't know if I can make those, but I'll sure have fun trying (and eating the mess-ups).

In other chocolate news, my advertising/graphic designer friend came over today to help me design a logo. After looking through the pictures of what I've made and a little taste test, she predicted that I'm going to be needing a bigger kitchen and a staff of 3 within a couple of years. Oh, the possibilities.........

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