Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Business Lesson #1

I am officially a business owner now. I got my state sales tax permit in the mail on Monday and am now allowed to sell my chocolates. Of course, this means I also get to collect (and pay back to the state) sales tax on everything I sell. I'm not so thrilled with that part, but I've been assured that it's much easier than it sounds. Plus, it can be paid online which is the best part of the whole thing.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake when filling out my application for my license and I am now trying to fix it. The state needed a phone number and since I do not have a separate cell phone for the business yet (no website, no cards, no need for cell number just yet), I put down our home number. BIG MISTAKE.

Every vendor in Texas is now calling and trying to sell me something for the business. Most of the calls are from vendors who want me to buy a credit card machine from them, but I've also had calls regarding bank accounts and security systems. I am hoping that the number of calls will die down soon because all the ringing is driving me crazy. And it disturbs Liam's naps which makes me even crazier.

Because our home number is now listed as a business number, the "Do Not Call Registry" does not apply. So now I'm trying to figure out how to change the number on my license to my cell phone because I can just turn that one off. Who knew this would be such a hassle?!?

So let this be a lesson to any of you considering starting your own business. Do not, under any circumstances, list your home number as your business number.

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