Friday, September 14, 2007

The Winner

After two days of polling and 37 votes (via blog and e-mail), the winner is:

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It was the winner by far with 62% of the vote. Ironically, it was my least favorite of the four choices I posted on the poll. But after all of your comments, it grew on me and I have decided that it is "The One."

The brown and white logo came in second with 18% of the vote. I really liked this one because the color and shape reminded me of a chocolate bar.

The green one came in third with 11% of the vote. It was initially my favorite, but I think I really liked it because it is green (my favorite color) and has tulips on it (my favorite flowers). After reading your comments, however, I realized that as a logo it probably wasn't the best choice.

The other blue one came in last with 9% of the vote. I wasn't as fond of this one as the green one, but Ryan and I initially thought that since they were so similar, they (and other variations on the rectangle/tulip theme) could be used interchangeably on the website.

A big "thank you" to everyone who voted. And thank you for stating your reasons why you chose the one you did. The positive comments made about the winner were a huge factor in my decision.

So now the real work can begin. I may just have to keep asking you guys for your opinions since you did such a great job this time.


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