Friday, September 7, 2007


Today's post is full of random topics, none of which seemed to warrant its own post.......

Liam had his 9 month checkup on Wednesday even though he will be 10 months old on Sunday. Here are the latest stats:

Height: 27 inches (10th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs, 12 oz (10th percentile)
Head Circumference: 25th percentile
Shots: 1

He's still small for his age, but remains steady in his growth. He's reached all of his nine month milestones (crawling, pulling up, eating finger foods, babbling) and the pediatrician was impressed when I told her that he regularly uses a sippy cup at mealtime. Apparently that's not something they look for until the kids hit 12 months. She also wasn't concerned about the fact that he has no teeth. I have a feeling that he'll be getting them all at once rather than a couple at a time.

He has turned into a little boy overnight. He is into absolutely everything and laughs whenever Sydney gets annoyed with him. His current favorite activity is lifting up the rug, tearing off bits of the rug padding and putting those bits in his mouth. Anyone know how to babyproof a rug pad?

Liam also loves cats. Here he is at my parents' house the week we house-sat for them:

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Which brings me to my next random topic.

A black and white kitty seems to have adopted us. She's been hanging around our house for a year or so and in the past she has let me pet her and even went as far as trying to get into the house behind me. According to our neighbor, she was recently attacked by a dog (he was nice enough to take her to the vet for treatment) and consequently, she is a lot shier than she used to be. Another neighbor who lives across the street has been feeding her in front of our house (since she lives here) in hopes of catching her and making the cat her pet.

Should we just adopt her? How does one adopt a stray? Should we just start feeding her? How does one catch a skittish cat so that she can be taken to the vet for shots and spaying? And how do I explain this to the neighbor who wants this cat for herself? Clearly, the cat likes living in our yard, but I don't want to hurt the neighbor's feelings. Thoughts?

And random thing number three: Jerk of the Week. I think I might make this is a sporadic post topic rather than a weekly one, but I just have to award it this week to the person who stole the copper coil out of the air conditioning unit at Sydney's school. Who steals from a pre-school and renders the air conditioning system useless in September in Houston?

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