Monday, September 10, 2007

Eyes Glued Shut

No, the title is not an homage to Stanley Kubrick, director of the similarly named film. It is the state of being in which my poor daughter currently finds herself.

Poor Sydney has pink eye (aka "goopy eye") in both eyes. And she has ear infections in both ears. And she has a cough. And let's not forget the congestion. I think we'll be setting a world record for the number of prescription drugs purchased for a four year old later this afternoon. Seriously. I'll be looking for it in the Guinness Book later this year.

So, in honor of my poor baby, I thought I'd post two of the amusing conversations we had this weekend.


Sydney: "Mommy! My shoe has the number nine in it."

Me: "Yes, I know. You wear a size nine shoe."

Sydney: "But I can't wear a size nine. I'm only four. I should wear a size four shoe."

Me: "Your shoe size isn't the same number as your age, sweetheart. I wear a size four shoe, but do you remember how old I am?

Sydney: "You're 40."

I think I almost fainted.


After seeing a commercial for Disney World.......

Sydney: "Mommy! Can we go there on vacation?"

Me: "It's very expensive. It costs a lot of money.'

Sydney: "Daddy has money."

Me: "It costs a LOT of money. Like $10,000. Do you have $10,000?"

Sydney: "I know who has $10,000 - Gram and Grandad! Let's ask Gram and Grandad for $10,000!"

Ummmm.....let's not.


And in chocolate graphic designer friend has given me 11 logos to choose from. I'm going to narrow it down to three or four and ask you guys to vote for your favorite. Be on the lookout for them later this week!

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