Monday, February 11, 2008

Grocery Store Embarrassment

Have you ever snuck a peak into someone else's grocery cart just to see what they're buying? No? Just me? Oh, well. I'll admit it, I like looking in other people's grocery carts (not a big, ogling look, just a an observatory glance - I don't want you to think I'm a weirdo or anything). Maybe it's the wannabe anthropologist in me, but I think it's fascinating to look at the combinations of products people need/desire.

I don't particularly care if people look in my grocery cart, either. After all, I don't find two gallons of milk, a package of cheese sticks, granola bars, diapers and the like all that interesting, but hey, if someone else finds that particular combination of things to be interesting, then who am I to judge?

However, today, for the first time ever, I was embarrassed and tried to hide an item at the bottom of the cart. The worst part was that I HAD to buy this thing for Sydney's school (for the Valentine's party this week) and then I couldn't even find it (since I never buy the stuff). Summoning all the courage I had, I approached a manager and asked where it was (which I NEVER do - usually I just make Ryan go later to get the things I can't find). Once procured, from the dairy cooler, no less, I stuffed it under the bread and produce. I had no problem hiding it as it is not all that large, but I couldn't keep it a secret from the clerk, who thankfully, didn't even bat an eye when she scanned it.

What was this horribly embarrassing product that caused me to turn beet red? It was a can of this. I don't normally get embarrassed by the things in the grocery store, because, hey, it's a grocery store, not a 24 hour "book" store, but it just killed me to buy this. You might think I'm totally weird after reading about this whole scenario, but Ryan and I had a truly, shall we say "perverted" theater professor in college who talked about this stuff incessantly and in ways we found to be quite disturbing (use your imaginations, people). While no one in the store seemed to care that I was buying it, during Valentine's week of all weeks, we've never looked at the stuff the same way since.

So, do you have any totally weird quirks like this? Something you just can't bring yourself to buy? Please tell me I'm not alone.

**Edited to fix a truly horrible grammatical error. Please don't tell my English major dad if you read the other version.

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