Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Just Thought I Knew Them

I discovered a few things about my kids this weekend.

First, Liam loves his new shoes:


In case you can't see them all that well, here's what they look like up close:


Of course, he's still not walking on his own (and I know, by now I can hear all of you saying, "Will she PLEASE just stop obsessing over this kid walking?), but he is walking a bit better while holding one of our fingers. I'm hoping a trip to the park to meet up with our play group (all of whom are walking now) will put some toddler peer pressure on him to pick up the pace.

Second, when Liam is teething, he likes to bite. Hard. Take a look at his poor pacifier:


While this would have been the perfect opportunity to make him cope without one, we didn't want to make Sydney suffer through it since they are now sharing a room. I hurriedly found a replacement.

Third, we discovered the trick to get Liam to drink more milk:


No, it's not the healthiest thing, but you've never seen a kid suck milk down as quickly as our little guy when we "pink it up." It was actually our pediatrician's recommendation, believe it or not. She suggested chocolate syrup, but Liam seems to prefer the strawberry, so that's what he gets most of the time now.

Fourth, Sydney cracks us up with her logic. Case(s) in point:

"Germs come from Germany."
"Doctors wear name tags so they'll remember their names."
"Daddy has bald hair on top and brown hair on the sides." (to which her classmate replied that her daddy also had bald hair on top)
"We should name the baby 'Choo Choo Soul' because I like that show."

Just when you think you know you're kids, they surprise you. I guess that's what keeps life interesting. Around here anyway.

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