Monday, February 4, 2008

Two Down, Two to Go

Liam's 15 month checkup is scheduled for February 13th. His pediatrician wants to confirm four things on this visit:

1. He is off the bottle.
2. He is off the pacifier.
3. He is walking.
4. He is talking.

Last week, we were 0-4. We're now 2-2. And, no, he's STILL NOT WALKING!!!!

Liam had his first bottle-less day last Thursday. We finally dropped the evening, pre-bedtime bottle and he did just fine. He is still sleeping through the night (7:30-7) and other than a couple of crying episodes (which I think were related to his congestion), he slept just fine.

And I can officially say that he is talking. A couple of weeks ago, his ball rolled away and when I asked him where it was, he waved at it and said, "ba ba" (translated to "bye bye"). So we're counting that as his first word. And today when I picked him up at the church nursery after my volunteering, he looked up at me and clearly said, "Mama." He's been saying "ma ma ma ma ma" when I enter a room (and "da da da da da" when Ryan enters a room), but today he actually said, "Mama." I think my heart melted a little bit.

The walking? Well, I can't do anything more on that front. He walks with his little toys and when he's holding on to someone's fingers, but WILL NOT walk by himself. Silly boy.

And the pacifier? The pediatrician will just have to be disappointed about that one. There's no way I'm taking it away from him until we're settled in our new house.

He's had a couple of other "firsts" in the last few weeks, too:

His first bike ride with Daddy.

Using a spoon.

Then deciding that just HOLDING the spoon and eating with the other hand is easier.

Climbing on our kid-friendly chair.

Using the chair to try to open the gate.

Being a daredevil on the chair.

And then, losing it when he can't figure out how to get down by himself.

He's growing so fast.....where did my baby go?

And speaking of babies.....Thanks to everyone for their baby boy name suggestions. We are pondering each and every one of them. You'll find out in May which one we picked (or didn't pick if it's a girl).

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