Friday, July 18, 2008

Retraction (Kinda)

So Ryan pointed out that my language in last night's post was, in his words, rather strong. And he's correct.

I wrote it rather hastily while the computer battery was dying and Evan was fussing for his next meal so the amount of time I had to proofread it was nil. From now on, if I don't have time to proofread then I'll save the entry and post it later.

Anyway, the situation is not as dire as I made it sound in the post. Simply put, we've had variations of the same argument for many years now (with another installment last night) and I simply wanted someone else's take on the issue of chore sharing and/or nagging.

A big thanks to Mommy Daisy and Alli for their input. At least I'm not alone in my frustrations over household issues.

And apparently none of my other readers (I *think* I have more than two) have this issue in their homes - lucky people!

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