Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Clint Eastwood Wrote This Post

The Good:
1. We're all moved in. Thanks to family and friends, all of our stuff (two U-Haul's worth) made it to our house in the Land of Fruit by 11:30 am on Saturday.
2. Most of our boxes are unpacked and the stuff inside has been put away.
3. My sister was nice enough to let us stay at her house for two days while we waited for our water to be turned on (see Item #2 in the "Bad" section below).
4. Our neighbors seem really nice. One of them let us use his hose so that we could get water to fill our toilets while waiting for water. He and his wife even offered to let us use their shower.
5. Liam loves playing in the yard and running through the sprinkler. This was not possible at our old house.
6. The pediatrician called in some new medicine to combat Evan's goopy eye (see Item #5 in the "Bad" section).
7. Evan slept from midnight until 6 am the first night in our house. Six hours in a row. I haven't seen that much sleep since last September.
8. We are LOVING our new DVR. We realize that we are the last people in America to get one. Now we know why everyone raves about them.

The Bad:
1. The longer commute has Ryan (and Sydney) leaving at 7 am and getting home at 6:30. This makes for one VERY long day for me.
2. Despite having water for three weeks between closing and the Tuesday before our move, we discovered that the water had been turned off right before Saturday. And the emergency crew couldn't turn it back on for us until Monday. Some emergency crew.
3. We had to pay an extra $100 to have the water turned on for "Same Day Service" on Monday. They didn't turn it on until 5:01 pm. They were 28 minutes away from getting a nasty phone call.
4. For some reason, the rear right tire on my van is slowly leaking air and we have to fill it every five days or so. Annoying.
5. Evan's eye goop has gotten worse in the past few weeks. Despite an antibiotic eye drop (and a refill of said drop), his eyes continue to fill with yellow/green goop. Pretty gross.
6. I spent three days inside my parents' time share in San Antonio due to a horrendous case of hives. I looked like something out of a really bad sci-fi movie. Cause is still unknown.

The Ugly:
1. Some jerk broke into our old house the day after we moved out. Which means he'd been watching us and knew the house was vacant. Creepy. Luckily, he didn't get anything because we'd moved everything out.
2. I had a lead on a renter for our old house, but she lost interest after I rescheduled the showing of the house for next week due to the break-in and subsequent shattered window.

Pictures of the house will appear soon. I'm still searching for the USB cord to load them onto the computer. Who knows which box that's in!

Happy 4th of July!!!

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