Monday, August 25, 2008

Adventures in Kindergarten

Today was Sydney's first day of Kindergarten. Here she is in our annual first day of school photo:


I was going to take a picture of her getting off the bus for the first time, too, but I couldn't. It's not that she wasn't on the bus. She was on it all right. She wasn't allowed off of it.

The bus driver said that Sydney wasn't on her "list" and since she couldn't get ahold of the school to confirm that Sydney was on the right bus and since I didn't have my ID to prove that I was, in fact, her mother and I lived on that street (because I didn't know I had to have an ID to get my child off the bus even though there is clearly a family resemblance and she called me 'mommy'), she couldn't let her off. And I couldn't get on.

So my brave little girl with her eyes filling with tears was told sit back down and I was told that I could drive to the school and pick Sydney up in the office.

After practically sprinting back to the house where Ryan was waiting to see Sydney before he hopped a plane to NYC for the week, I briefed him on the situation and he took off for the school leaving me practically in hysterics.

Apparently, Sydney was not alone in the office. Some moron (perhaps this week's Jerk of the Week?) didn't include the transportation registration forms in the kindergarten packets that were filled out during the summer. So all the bus-riding kindergartners who didn't register in April were delivered back to the school. And all of their worried, near-hysterical parents stormed into the front office the same time that Ryan did.

I sure am glad I'm not the person responsible. And that person better be glad that Ryan was home to go get Sydney because if I had been the one to go get her (after having to wake up an infant and toddler to do so), my temper would have most definitely gotten the best of me.

Anyway, she's home now and I'll be driving her to and from school for the next week while the transportation department gets their act together.

Overall, she had a really good first day of school and for that I am glad. I just hope Day 2 goes a little more smoothly.

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