Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Fact Friday, Part Deux

1. I love barbecue and I could eat it every day. And as a Texan, it really bugs me when people say they're having a barbecue when they are really having a cookout. Hamburgers, hot dogs = cookout. Brisket, ribs, pork butt = barbecue. Steak = closer to barbecue, but still a cook out. And adding barbecue sauce to something does not, in fact, make it barbecue.

2. My sister and I have a hobby of making fun of weird baby names. Whenever we hear of one we e-mail or call each other. My favorite weird/odd/strange baby name? Claire Annette. Apparently we're not the only ones, either. Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing gives parents "rules" for naming children and Baby Name Intervention allows you to send anonymous e-mails to people who are planning on naming their child something you think is ridiculous.

3. I was the definition of dork in high school: marching band, debate team, yearbook staff. I'm still a dork. And pretty proud of it.

4. It's a cruel twist of fate that my favorite thing to eat is chocolate, yet I'm allergic to soy, which is found in almost EVERY form of commercially produced chocolate. That's why I make my own. :)

5. I wear kids' shoes. Technically, I'm a Ladies' Size 4, but no one carries that size, so I resort to wearing a Junior Size 2. My shoes are generally less expensive than adult shoes, but I also have to hunt for tennis shoes without lights or a cartoon character on the side. Someday, I'm going to splurge and go buy a pair of knee-high black leather boots from Nordstrom's since they do carry my size (but they are really expensive).

6. I have every line of both The Princess Bride and Sixteen Candles memorized. If I see that they are on TV, I will sit down and watch them even though I've seen them a gazillion times.

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