Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Five is the number of...

...days we went without phone or internet access since lightning struck our phone line during a thunderstorm.

...infections poor Evan has (2 ear, 2 eye, 1 sinus)

...body parts (other than facial features) Liam can point to when prompted: knee, belly button, toes, bottom and one that starts with a p and is covered with a diaper.

...days until Sydney starts kindergarten!

...books I've read since we moved into our new house. I forgot how much I loved reading.

...loads of laundry I did Monday.

...times Liam has been in time out today.

...minutes left on my computer's battery after reading (well, skimming) 361 e-mails and 87 blog posts that accumulated over the last several days.

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