Friday, January 11, 2008

Halfway There

When I was pregnant with Sydney, if you asked me on any given day how far along I was, I could answer you in an instant. It only took me a few seconds longer when I was pregnant with Liam. This time around, however, when someone asks me how far along I am, it takes me forever to come up with the answer.

Thanks to the weekly Baby Center e-mail update, however, I can confidently say that I am now halfway through this pregnancy. Actually, I'm more than halfway seeing as I'll have a c-section a couple of weeks before my due date. And I'm starting to get really nervous.

With Sydney, I was nervous about the c-section. Having been through two of them now, I'm not nervous about that. With Liam, I was worried throughout the entire pregnancy, from a miscarriage scare to early contractions. I was just worried about keeping him in utero for at least 36 weeks.

This time, thankfully, there haven't been any complications (knock wood), but I'm still nervous. I'm nervous that I'm not going to be able to handle a 5 year old, 18 month old and a newborn. I'm nervous that Liam will not react well to not being the baby anymore. I'm nervous that we will not survive the summer with a baby, packing up our belongings and moving (not to mention house hunting). I'm nervous that I'll screw up the kindergarten enrollment process and I'll have to home school Sydney. I'm nervous that I will not get to sleep through the night again until 2009.

But as with all huge life changes, I know we'll get through it. It will be hard, it may be messy and I know for sure it will be an emotional few months, but we'll get through it. I hope.

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