Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stress Relief Ideas

So here's an informal poll for you: what do you do to relieve stress? Do you shop? Do you eat (and is chocolate involved)? Take a bath? I want to hear your ideas.

When I was teaching I had a LOT of stress. A LOT. I'm convinced that teaching high school should rank right up there with air traffic controller on those lists of most stressful jobs. To combat stress, Ryan and I would go out for sushi or I'd take a long, hot bath with a nice, cheesy novel and glass of wine. Well, thanks to this pregnancy, all I'm left with of my old stress-relief plan is the novel. I've read two of them in the past week, but without the hot bath and glass of wine, they really didn't do anything for me.

Any ideas? Between the pregnancy, two kids (one who refuses to START talking or walking and the other who refuses to STOP talking), the prospect of spending the next three months spending every weekend working on our house for sale/rental, searching for a new house, worrying about kindergarten entrance tests and worrying about a friend who is going through the NASTIEST divorce I've ever witnessed (and I know you read this and I do not blame you at all for my worrying - seriously), I just cannot get rid of all the stress. And stress, as we all know, is not beneficial to a pregnant woman.! Ideas, please.

Both my sanity and unborn child thank you in advance.

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