Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ultrasounds, Sign Language and New Cars - Oh My!

I feel like it's been forever since I last posted. The whole NaBloPoMo thing got me used to posting everyday so missing an entire week felt really strange to me, I suppose. Anyway, we're finally home from our holiday trips and settling back into life and while I'm thrilled to get back on our schedules, I know I'll be bored out of my mind by the end of January. Here's what's new since my last post:

Ultrasound - We had our BIG ultrasound this morning. Thankfully, the nightmare I had a few weeks ago about seeing a sock monkey (yes, a sock monkey) on the ultrasound screen instead of a baby did not come true. There were two arms, two legs, a spine, a heart and everything else you see in those amazing ultrasounds. The doctor could tell the gender, but we chose to not find out so we'll be surprised in May. Ryan and I both scrutinized the screen, but we couldn't tell one way or the other. The baby did measure a week larger than expected for 19 weeks (maybe that's because I gained 5 pounds this month!) so my due date was changed to May 25th, my mom's birthday. My repeat c-section will put the actual birth date closer to May 15th, however. I guess Sydney will just have to semi-share her birthday (hers is May 13th). Unfortunately, both the VCR and the camera on the ultrasound machine were broken, so we have no video or pictures. :( I told Ryan that I hoped we could spring for a 3D ultrasound later on just so this poor third child doesn't feel so left out.

Sign Language - Liam is still not talking (or walking for that matter), but we're pretty sure he's started using some sign language. He's signed "more" several times when eating and this morning we think he even signed "Daddy" while in the ob's waiting room. As for walking, he is SO close. He stands by himself (and bends down to pick things up) and walks all over the room with his little walker toys, but still drops down to crawl mode to go somewhere. I know it will happen soon and I shouldn't feel competitive with other moms, but it sure is hard to go to play groups and see the other kids his age walking AND talking. Oh well, I know they all develop on their own time tables.

New Car - I now drive a mini-van. Sigh.


On Monday, Ryan sold his Tahoe to CarMax and test drove 3 mini-vans while he waited for his truck appraisal. I drove out to meet him and test drove the Chrysler; we were also interested in a Toyota, but I didn't need to test drive that one having done so a month ago at another dealership. We were happy with the Chrysler's amenities (every bell and whistle you can possibly imagine) and it's price. It had 27,000 miles on it already, but it's in impeccable condition. Sydney loves it (and all the buttons that she can push) and I have to admit that it is really roomy, drives well and will make our lives much easier. Now if I can just get over the whole "I drive a mini-van" feeling.

How about you? Any big news over the holidays?

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