Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baby Info

Thanks for all of the congratulations, everyone! We are very excited and still a bit overwhelmed by it all, but we'll manage. I was especially glad to hear that Jess experienced similar emotions when she found out she was expecting Baby #2 (also due in May 2008). Whew! I'm not alone!

Anyway, the point of this post is to answer all of the inevitable questions you probably have. Here goes:

1. When am I due? Officially, May 29th, but it will be earlier due to a repeat c-section.
2. How am I feeling? Bleh. "Morning sickness" is a total misnomer, because for me, it lasts all day. Yuck. Fortunately, the exhaustion that comes along with the first trimester seems to be fading so that's a good thing.
3. How does this pregnancy compare to the other two? So far, pretty much the same. I was sick with both Sydney and Liam and if history repeats itself, the ickiness should subside in the next week or so.
4. When is the BIG ultrasound? Early January, but we're not finding out the gender of the baby this time around. We didn't find out with Sydney and it was hard, but a lot of fun.
5. Will we be having more kids? NO. Since this is a repeat c-section, it will be very easy for the doc to do a little tube tying after the baby is born. I love babies, but they're expensive and frankly, the idea of going through the extreme nausea stage again is quite frightening.
6. Are the kids excited? Sydney is very excited; she is convinced that she's going to get a baby sister this time around. Liam? Well, he's pretty much clueless.
7. Do we want a boy or a girl? Honestly, we don't care. A boy would be nice so that Liam could have a playmate close in age, but a girl would be great, too.
8. Do we have any names yet? Nope. We've been throwing a few around, but nothing has really hit us as THE NAME. We'll be keeping the name a surprise, too, but feel free to submit suggestions.

I can't think of any more possible questions, but if you have any more, feel free to leave them in the comments. After all, thanks to NaBloPoMo, I have to post every day this month and I'm running out of ideas!

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