Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful Day Two

I am thankful for my children, all three of them. Three - wow! It still feels strange to think I have (or will in a few months) three kids!

Some days they make me want to tear my hair out. But most days, they make me laugh until I cry. They are the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep at night and the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. They are the true lights of our lives and I could never imagine loving anyone as much as I love those little people who look just like me and Ryan.

Sydney is our girly-girl princess. She would wear pink everyday of the week if she could and insists on wearing a dress to school if it's a rainy day because she "won't play outside and get it dirty." She loves reading and making up stories. Granted, most of them involve a prince and a wedding, but she is quite creative. She is our eager-to-please firstborn and loves her baby brother like nobody's business.

Liam is our little man. He likes to holler to get his point across and amazes us everyday with his new skills. He loves to jump and climb and I just know that one day his little daredevil ways are going to give me a heart attack, but his sweet smiles more than make up for his mischievousness. He gives hugs and kisses without discrimination and adores his big sister more than life itself.

Our newest blessing, while a surprise, is no less loved than the other two. We can't wait to meet this little person in May and add him/her to our family. Ryan and I are going to be two of the most tired people on the planet, but we'll two of the happiest people on the planet, too.

I thank God every day for my kids.

So why are you thankful for your kids (or nieces and nephews)?

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